At Plaid Beaver, we are committed to chopping down high prices! We bring you nothing but the good wood, no deadwood or worse – splinters! Now there’s something you can really sink your two front teeth into!

Our team of eager beavers, outfitted in our plaid jackets, scour the planet looking for the best deals for our customers.  We buy in large volume direct from manufacturers and pass those savings on to you.  We move whole rivers and build these crazy dams to make sure you get the best products at the best prices. 

Besides awesome pricing, we are committed to making sure you’re happy with all aspects of your purchase – from ease of purchase, to proper packaging, to shipping and yes even (sniff, sniff) returns if you’re not totally happy with your purchase.  Our return policy is very simple.  We’ll take the product back for any reason in 30 days with NO restocking fee.  Now you’re one happy beaver too!

And yes, we offer volume discounts.  Yes, we offer expedited shipping.  As you can see, we try to say yes to most questions.  We like to make miracles happen for our customers. 


Still have a question?
Feel free to reach out and email us at Our team will respond to you within 48 hours on any issue you might have.