CalDigit USB-C Gen2 10Gb/s SOHO Dock - Up to 4K 60Hz, HDMI 2.0b, HDR, DisplayPort 1.4, 10Gb/s USB A & USB C, UHS-II microSD and SD Card Readers

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SOHO Dock on desk with MacBook pro and External Monitor

Double the Performance of Gen.1

Benefits of a Gen.2 USB-C Dock

✓ Double the Performance (From 5Gb/s to 10Gb/s)

✓ Full 4K 60Hz Resolution

✓ Dual Monitors

✓ Faster SSD Speeds

✓ Up to 100W Power Delivery to SOHO Dock. Up to 90W Laptop Charging¹

Next Level USB-C Gen.2 Dock

Built on the concept that more and more of us are working remotely from home the SOHO, or Small Office Home Office Dock, helps bring all of our devices together wherever we are.

Double The Performance Of Gen.1

The benefits of a 10Gb/s USB-C device over a 5Gb/s device set it apart from the vast amount of hubs on the market. Whether you want to take full advantage of a 4K 60Hz monitor or connect an ultra-fast SSD, the SOHO Dock has all the features you need.

SOHO Dock Image Collage featuring iPad pro and detachable Thunderbolt 3 Cables

At Your Desk or On-The-Go

The SOHO Dock has the ability to be bus-powered, making it an ideal solution for users that need to expand their connectivity on the road. In addition, the SOHO Dock’s dual video connectors and pass-through charging capability make it an ideal desktop docking solution.

iPad Pro & Tablet Compatible

Not only can you use the SOHO Dock on a traditional computer, you can also use it with an iPad Pro or Windows tablet. This allows users to connect a single 4K 60Hz HDR-enabled monitor and all the various devices that the SOHO Dock has to offer.²

SOHO Dock featuring Pass through Charging

Pass-through Laptop Charging¹

The SOHO Dock supports up to a 100W Type-C charger and can offer up to 90W for laptop charging¹. A USB-C charger will deliver power to the dock, connected USB devices, and provide charging for the host device. The SOHO Dock will dynamically charge your laptop based on the required wattage to operate the dock and associated USB devices. USB-C charger not included.

Full Speed 10Gb/s Data Port

Anyone that has used traditional Gen. 1 USB-C hubs will know that the USB ports offer limited capabilities. The SOHO Dock’s USB-C data port offers full 10Gb/s performance, double that of traditional hubs. Even when the video ports are in use, USB performance will not drop due to bandwidth limitations.

USB-A 10Gb/s Data Port

Not only does the SOHO Dock feature a 10Gb/s USB-C port, it also has a 10Gb/s USB-A port that allows you to add a keyboard, mouse, smartphone or any other USB device. In addition, you could connect a fast SSD to take advantage of the 10Gb/s speeds.

System Requirements


  • macOS 10.13.6 or later | Windows 10 or later | iPadOS 13.6 or later | USB-C (10Gb/s) Laptop or Tablet³ | Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 Laptop


Dimension and Weight


  • Height: 0.98 inches (25.0 mm) | Width: 8.43 inches (214.0 mm) | Depth: 3.15 inches (80.0 mm) | Weight: 0.93 lbs (0.42 kgs)


Power: Type-C Powered or Bus-Powered

Type-C Host Charging: Type-C Host Charging: Up to 90W host charging when using a 100W Type-C Charger¹ | Supports Type-C chargers from 18W

In the box: 1 x USB-C SOHO Dock | 1 x USB-C Cable (0.5m)

¹The power supplied to your laptop will vary based on the wattage of the charger you use and how many USB devices you have connected. Power is shared by all USB ports and adjusted based on connected devices. Windows laptops with proprietary charging, or ports without power delivery, will not provide laptop charging. Type-C charger is not included. The charger must be connected to the Power Delivery port. Type-C chargers with a power delivery under 18W are not compatible. Use of Type-C chargers over 100W will not charge your laptop faster as USB-C Power Delivery specification is limited to 100W.

²In order to output at 4K 60Hz, your computer must support DP 1.4 (HBR3).

The following Macs & iPad can support DP 1.4 (HBR3):

15” MacBook Pro from 2018

16” MacBook Pro from 2019

13” MacBook Air from 2020

13” 4-port MacBook Pro from 2020

iMacs from 2019 with AMD graphics

Mac Pro from 2019

Apple Silicon Macs from late 2020

iPad Pro

Windows computers can output Single 4K 60Hz or dual extended 4K 30Hz if system & GPU can support it through DP 1.4 MST hub.

³USB-C (5Gb/s) Laptops are compatible with reduced functionality.

*Aluminum dissipates heat quickly through the chassis. Surface may be warmer to touch when all ports are connected. This does not affect the integrity of the internal components. Normal operating temperature: 25°C – 50°C (82°F-122°F)

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